Nicholas Wagner

Razor Country:
On the eve of World War I, a private detective investigates a series of violent crimes across the British Empire.

4/9/2024: New novella, Razor Country, will be released in Kindle/paperback editions.
5/15/2023: New short story, "The Tragic Events Befalling Lizaveta," now streaming as an audio drama on The No Sleep Podcast, Season 19, Episode 15. New short story, "Penumbra, New Mexico," available in Issue #160 of Frontier Tales Magazine.

Curse of the Jesuit:
In 1920s Egypt, a Jesuit priest receives an ominous letter from an archaeologist colleague and travels to a haunted tomb in order to unravel a series of sinister mysteries.

Shelter for the Bloodstained Soul (2016 Feature Film):
A cult of killers resurrects a pagan goddess that consumes the souls of sacrificed lovers.

Nicholas James Wagner is a writer and independent filmmaker from Virginia. His previous stories include the novellas Tout, Curse of the Jesuit, Her Soft Hours and A Ruin of Mercies, the independent films Shelter for the Bloodstained Soul and The Holy Sound, as well as the comic book Bring Me the Butcher's Knife.