Nicholas Wagner

5/15/2023: New short story, "The Tragic Events Befalling Lizaveta," now streaming as an audio drama on The No Sleep Podcast, Season 19, Episode 15:
1/1/2023: New short story, "Penumbra, New Mexico," available in Issue #160 of Frontier Tales Magazine:

Curse of the Jesuit:
In 1920s Egypt, a Jesuit priest receives an ominous letter from an archaeologist colleague and travels to a haunted tomb in order to unravel a series of sinister mysteries.

Shelter for the Bloodstained Soul (2016 Feature Film):
A cult of killers resurrects a pagan goddess that consumes the souls of sacrificed lovers.

Nicholas Wagner is a writer and independent filmmaker from Virginia. His previous stories include the novellas Tout, Curse of the Jesuit, Her Soft Hours and A Ruin of Mercies, the independent films Shelter for the Bloodstained Soul and The Holy Sound, as well as the comic book Bring Me the Butcher's Knife.